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The ISRM and CSWP launched the new Global Urban Resilience project as the first major global initiative of the centre. The project is intended to tackle major global problems regarding the stability and prosperity of urban centres, focussing on how to better manage complex risks and improve urban resilience in the 21st century.


The project’s vision is to promote proactive measures that enhance long-term preparedness and adaptive capacity, enabling cities to anticipate, mitigate and recover from shocks more effectively.

Through multi-disciplinary collaboration and knowledge sharing on effective solutions to the modern wicked problems we face in our communities, we aim to identify outcome-orientated solutions and innovative resilience strategies across urban landscapes.


As part of this, we envision a future where cities can effectively prioritise sustainability, equity and social cohesion alongside increasing both short- and long-term urban resilience via delivery of solutions which are equitable and accessible to all residents, regardless of their socioeconomic backgrounds.