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European Strategic Risk and Crisis Management 2025-30: Preparing for the New Reality

From a strategic risk management perspective (outside of the possibility of Russian hostility and aggression moving to a new level of expansionist activity), Europe can be seen as being relatively benign in its risk environment.

Its weather is relatively mild (though increasingly offering examples of extreme heat), its natural disasters such as flooding do not reach the catastrophic levels of other places in the world, its infrastructure is more or less functioning, its food security more or less dependable, its access to power, fuel, data and other resources more or less stable, and its social and human security more or less under control.

As we approach the second half of the 2020’s, these are blessings that should not be taken lightly.

But, just as everywhere in the world, Europe is facing challenges that are seemingly moving beyond the ability of classical risk management models, frameworks and methodologies to plan for or respond to, and it likely that those tendencies are only going to be amplified over the coming half-decade.

  • 09th July 2024
  • 10.00 – 11.30 BST / 11.00 – 12.30 CEST
  • Online

This webinar marks the launch of the ISRM Austria – Germany – Switzerland
Regional Hub, and will examine the ways in which Europe is likely to be tested from
a strategic risk and crisis management perspective over the coming years, and
the range of capabilities and solutions that will be required in order to engage with them in a meaningful way.

Please join us for this significant event which we hope will offer a platform to multiple voices, as well set the foundation for the establishment of the Austrian, German and Swiss Chapters in their own right.