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Dr David Rubens: Wicked Problems: Understanding Complexity in Today’s Risk Landscape 

As the world has navigated an ongoing shift in the prevalence and types of global crisis events through the 21st century, the focus, language and perspective of modern crisis management has likewise evolved. 

In the period following 9/11 attacks, the term crisis was omnipresent. However, as the world navigated through subsequent challenges like Hurricane Katrina and the 2008 financial crisis, a subtle shift occurred. Resilience has since come into focus, particularly after 2011 events such as the Fukushima disaster, inspiring questions about how societies could build enduring strength. 

From 2017 to the present, the dialogue has again been shifted by the term unprecedented – highlighting unique challenges like Texas’s snowstorm and global food supply chain disruptions as events that caught communities off-guard.   

To navigate this ever-changing landscape effectively, a balance is needed between policy aspirations and real-world impact. The CSWP aims to serve as that vital bridge, dedicated to enabling effective research and solution-driven approaches to our most complex problems.